Geneaire ReBuilder™

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Geneaire Inc. is proud to introduce a unique supplement to stabilize the longevity of neural/brain cells and resist degradation caused by aging and its related diseases.

Unlike most simple supplements, Geneaire ReBuilder™ is a patented formulation of 13 specific interacting components from the FDA’s GRAS List (Generally Recognized ASafe).

This formulation is the result of over 30 years of scientific research at University of California, IrvineGenescient, Inc. and published clinical testing conducted by an independent, accredited medical team specializing in aging and the treatment of age-related neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

The product works by stimulating approximately 500 specific human genomic sites identified as critical to the continued healthy function of brain cells as we grow older*.

If you are interested in promoting later life healthy brain function for you or a loved one, please click here to find out more about this research, or here to find out from our customers how Geneaire ReBuilder™ has been helping them.


Geneaire ReBuilder™ is now available at Isis Nutritionals

The price is $79.95 for a bottle of  60 capsules – a cost of $2.66 per day.  Click here Geneaire ReBuilder™ to go straight to the ordering page…

PatriotEd – June 10,2019“I am now a monthly subscriber to this product. I am 70 years old and experience more than my fair share of “seniority moments” but since I started taking this product I have noticed that it really helps me with focus and mental clarity. I wish it was more affordable but I continue to buy it because I need it. It helps that much.”

Paul A. Gilster – Aug 2, 2019:   “I have a family member whose Alzheimer’s symptoms began 5 years ago. I began giving her ReBuilder over two years ago, having learned that it might be effective. I started with 1 pill per day and then raised this to 2. I believe that ReBuilder has helped to slow the pace of the illness. Her mother had Alzheimer’s as well and we’ve found that the symptoms in her case were identical with what the daughter is experiencing now, but they are moving considerably more slowly, and in many respects seem to have stabilized. As anyone knows who has dealt with Alzheimer’s, little has emerged from the pharmaceutical laboratories in recent times that has helped. But I think anyone dealing with this illness — or the mild cognitive impairment that can precede it — would be well advised to add ReBuilder to their medical plan. As part of a program of medical supervision, ReBuilder should be looked at carefully as a choice for those who want to do everything they can to fight against the disease rather than just watching it happen. This is only one family’s experience, but I would not be surprised to hear of other people who have seen a similar result.”