About Us

Geneaire, Inc. has the exclusive license from Genescient, Inc. to market the products that have been developed from 30 years of Genomic research by Genescient, Inc. and at the University of California, Irvine.   The result is Geneaire ReBuilder™, a new class of supplement made from a fortified botanical formula of 13 interacting compounds taken from the FDA’s GRAS List (Generally Recognized As Safe).

Because it is formulated from safe components (recent clinical trials have indicated no measurable side effects*), the product is inherently suitable for long term daily use with a focus on early prevention of brain deterioration, rather than as a cure for an already diagnosed disease.

The use of natural compounds delivers several major advantages including a reduction in the time to perform effective clinical trials and the removal of the requirement to participate in the very lengthy FDA approval process.  The result is a greatly reduced time to availability and reduction in development cost which makes potential products much more affordable than pharmaceutical solutions.  Geneaire’s pricing strategy is directly in line with the desire of the researchers to bring the benefits of their research to as many people and as quickly as possible.